Thursday, September 18, 2008

Baby Bumps Hat

I knit this hat for my Aunt Rosemaries baby. Below is the pattern.

Baby Bumps Hat
0-3 months
DK weight less than 50 grams
Cast on 72 stitches
Join in round being careful not to twist and place marker at the begining of round.
Row 1-9 Knit
Row 10-11 Purl
Row 12-17 Knit
Row 18-19 Purl
Row 20-25 Knit
Row 26-27 Purl
Row 28-33 Knit
Row 34-35 Purl
Row 36-41 Knit
Next row starts crown shapping
Row 42 *p2tog p6* repeat to end (63sts)
Row 43 Purl
Row 44 *k2tog k5* repeat to end (54sts)
Row 45 Knit
Row 46 *k2tog k4* repeat to end (45sts)
Row 47 Knit
Row 48 *k2tog k3* repeat to end (36sts)
Row 49 Purl
Row 50 *p2tog p2* repeat to end (27sts)
Row 51 Knit
Row 52 *k2tog k1* repeat to end (18sts)
Row 53 Knit
Row 54 *k2tog k2* reapeat to end (9sts)
Row 55 Knit
Break off long tail of yarn thread thru the stitches and pull tight fasten off. Weave in the two ends.
Enjoy! :)

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