Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Misty Garden revealed

Okay so my secret project has been sent off to Amy who should get it hopefully end of this week begining of next week so Ill be able to show it off and I made sure to get some photos of it before shipping off..
However I did knit a scarf over the weekend that I can show you now!! :)
For my birthday I got Scarf Style but havent made anything out of it until now! :) I made Misty Garden by Jo Sharp from it. I used 2 skeins of Hacho 100% Hand Dyed Merino Wool in shade 303. Each skein is 50 grams which turns into 125m - 137yds. I used 4mm needles.
Arent the colours lovely? :)

Yeah they are the same dye lot and the same shade yet one skein had more yellow in it and the begining of the other one was badly faded. But to be honest I dont care. I still really like tthe way it looks. I should have swapped between the two through out to get it to look even but again I couldnt be bothered by doing that either. Lazy I know!

Its a shortish scarf but will be perfect to throw on and run out tthe door with. :)
My overall feelings? I love it!


ambermoggie said...

I love the colours Jenn

Polite said...

I like how it turned out... and oh yes like you I would have not been bothered to switch between the two go straight through the first and go to the second and see it comes out beautiful... Not everything is meant to have that "Perfect" look. The length is just perfect! Your right a great scarf to grab and run out the door with...
Hugs and Kisses

Anonymous said...

I like those colors and I like the scarf. I haven't received the package yet, I'm watching for our mailman (for this and my Fin Aid letter from BSU) and knowing my luck, it'll be here tomorrow right before I go to work.