Friday, July 25, 2008

I knit and I sew!

Ive been knitting a little bit but of course in this sticky heat we have been having Im not getting loads of it done.
Top down raglan sweater knitting it on 2.75mm circular needle using some coned wool I got off of ebay to knit Sorrano with but didnt like the way it turned out after sewing the zip to it. So that got frogged and now Im doing this. Holding two strands together to get a thicker look. Im planning on knitting it all plain until I get to the bottom and adding a hem to it that is tthe same stitch pattern as the scarf I made below. Will do the same for tthe arms plain to the cuff and then ruffle stitch look. I will be making this a big ole turtle/cowl neck as well if I got enough wool. Again using the same stich pattern as I did for the scarf below. :) In my head it looks really pretty so hope it turns out that way as well. :)
Then Ive been sewing a bit here and there as well making my Pay it Forward thats going to be heading to my Mom. She said I could post pictures of it on here so Iam.
Thats the start of the place mats I am making. They are from Amy Butlers In Stitches book. all I have to do is sew the back (the bits on the bottom) to the fronts (those on the top) and then they are finished Ive just not gotten around to doing tthose just yet.
These are the matching napkins Ive done to go with them. Again from Amy Butlers In Stitches book. My mom like her cloth napkins and she uses place mats so I knew these would get alot of use from her. The napkins are double sided, thats why you can see two of them folded there one showing the flower side one showing the plain side. I am very happy with how these turned out lets just hope I make no mistakes sewing the placemats down huh? :)
Right off to try and knit some more on the sweater.. or should I go sew? HMM!


Polite said...

Oh my gosh I love them! Once we move thats the exact colour I want to use for my kitchen! Now all I have to do is find someone to hurry and buy my house hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful. I like that fabric.

Polite said...

Okay I did my first PIF, So it wasn't on the crafty side but it was a better God Sent PIF.
There was a working homeless guy who was in an open space where I meet people to sell pups and he came limping out we rolled our windows up and locked the door and he didnt come up to the truck but he called out to John "Hey man you got a light?" John said no and tried to ignore him but as he walked past the truck he was limping pretty bad. I jumped out of the car ran over to him gave him a light and waded up some cash shook his hand and said "May God keep you safe" he had tears in his eyes when I walked away... John hurried over to him once I walked back to the truck to pick him and drive him to a local hospital. We gave him smokes, a lighter and some cash to help him.
If for 5 mintues we helped his load it was the most worthy PIF I will ever do.
Jenn I would have never done it if it wasn't for the PIF... but something inside me reminded me I was on a PIF in life... Like I said it might not have been crafty, and it may never get Paid forword by this man... but it was something that was so rewarding.
So if this doesnt count on a PIF I will still do it with three others but I just wanted you to know how your PIF blessed one homeless man this evening.
I Love You... but I Love You even more if possible for allowing me to enter you PIF and to give 5 minutes to someones life that might have made it better.