Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Almost done

I keep meaning to take pictures and post but I keep forgetting to do both. So I am going to post but dont have any pictures will eventually get those and get them up as well. :)
I have finished all my mittens. 3 pairs were enough for me to have to knit. As lovely as the pattern is and as pretty as I think it is I couldnt fave having to knit another pair of them. A different pattern? Bring it on! But just not those please.
That means I am working on my last xmas gift. Those are the socks for Marks Dad. The Boyfriend Socks because they are lovely looking. And I do need to give the FIL a pair of manly socks dont I?
3 pairs of mittens 2 scarfs and 1 pair of socks finished the last pair working on all well before I thought! WOO HOO Im doing good this year and its not even tthe middle of November yet (I still have a couple of days thank you!)
alright off to check me blogs that I read and other little peices then going to sit down and knit on the sock while I watch a bit of telly... Have a great day everyone!! :)

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Anonymous said...

Wow, you have been busy. Yep I do say FIL needs a pair of socks.