Saturday, September 06, 2008

Pair .5 of 1

I know it is only September and I shouldnt be talking about Christmas just yet, but I got to! :) I have found the gifts for the girls that I want to make. Its the mittens from Vogue knitting Fall 2008 #3 Green Autumn. Obviously they are the same pattern used for the mitten in the post below.
I have finished the first glove for the first gift pair.
After finishing the mitten for myself to test the pattern I realised that it was slightly to small in length for the hand and the cuff was to big. So I joined the KAL on Ravelry and read what some were saying and went down to 2.5mm to knit the cuff and tthen back up to 2.75mm for the hand and added an extra repeat before starting the decreases. I did that for this pair here and tried them on and they are now the perfect size.
Ive casted on and have finished the cuff and 6 rows (so far) of the second mitten to this first pair. Ive also decided to go to a lighter oatmeal-ish colour instead of the darker colour in the post below. By the time I have at least 4 possibly 5 pairs of these knit I and you will be sick of seeing hearing about them. But Im going to knit these for the gifts, only because I find them so pretty.
Now to go and try to knit a couple more rounds on the next glove while feelling sorry for myself because I have a stupid cold....

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Anonymous said...

The weather has been up and down here. So, I can sympathize with the cold thing. Hope you feel much better soon. Btw, LOVE love LOVE your mittens. Very pretty!