Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Ive been knitting

I have been busy. I promise! I have been knitting. I swear! You still want proof though huh? :)
That happens to be the start of the third pair of mittens. so just to finish the rest of that mitten and knit the left one. After that I have one more pair left and Ive not yet decided if I will want to do another after that. We will see the time frame and how sick of tthe pattern I am. As much as I love it and as pretty as they are after knitting 4.5 single mittens its getting a bit much....

This is the Campus Scarf from Scarf Style from the post below its two balls in and I had to wait for another ball to turn up in my lys. Two just werent enough, I was thinking ti would be but silly me to think a guy would enjoy wearing a small scarf. OOPS! So I picked the third ball of that up today and will have to finish that and knit at least two more possibly four depending the time and again how bored I get of the pattern.

This is the berrett from the new Debbie Bliss magazine. I knit it with 4.5mm needles instead of 5mm and its not baggy enough for what I wanted but I was to impatient to wait to go and buy 5mm. Oh well! Ii still like it and I will wear it this winter to banish the cold from my poor wee ears! *shush mother I have your big ears I know!*

and this is a lovely ball of merino sock wool from HipKnits that will eventually be knitted into a nice toasty pair of socks for myself... of course its gonna be after all tthis xmas knitting... a treat to myself... :) Wonder if I can have all the knitting these socks to be finished for xmas and maybe a sweater for myself as well? HMMM! I should get back to knitting iin that case then huh?

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Yes I agree something for yourself.