Saturday, January 06, 2007

Spin, Span, Spun

So I started to write a post out yesterday and was nearly finished with it when my computer decided to freeze. So to say the least I lost that post.. ARG! Good thing it was just a round up of what Ive done and easily retypable and wasnt some long story or something! :)
So Ive been spinning, and I love it! OMG how could I have waited so long to start?? THANK YOU BONNY FOR THE SPINDLE! The pack came with a white top, blue top, and black top.. The black one I think was the longest/most in it. But I did a little white as tester and I showed that already. I did the blue over a couple of days and it wasnt consitant but I still love it! :)
Picture 003
Its mine and I done it, and thats something to be proud of! :) All I need to do is wash it to set the twist right now its wrapped around a pants hanger sititng happily just waiting for me to come wash it. :)
then I did all the black, I was better! I found a site online (look on the side bar under spinning) and it showed pictures and it just confirmed I was right in the way I was doing it. I swore I was spinning all wrong! Even though I did come out with spun wool in the end I was absolutely certain that it was wrong! So anywasy looked at the site, I was right so I continued to do it with slight improvment of pulling on the wool to seperate it more and Ive come out with a more consitant black yarn...
Picture 006
Now all I need to do is get the twisting bit down pat and let the twist run up the wool properly so thats its not over twisted in some areas... This also needs washing to set its spin. :)
Im going to leave them as singles and not ply as its all to fat to ply (in my opinion!) and Im going to spin the white I have and going to make the head band from knitty I think. Hopefully I have enough, I should anywyas! but I figure if I knit that then whenever I wear it Im showing off my hand spun and it should prove funky! But I do want to make something with my first spun yarn just to say "LOOK WHAT I DID!" :)
Now I also ordered some stuff from GetKnitted I love that site! here it is in all its glory :)
Picture 015
Now some of that is mine, and some of that Im giving away Im not saying which is what but heres a picture of whats going...
Picture 016
I figure that way if the SP9 pal Im sending this to looks on here and sees it shes not knowing whats getting sent just knows SOMETHING is being sent. :)
Still trying to figure out what scarf to knit for myself. I know I want a pretty lace scarf! but just not sure which one yet.... :)
The socks my SP9 pal gave me are coming along working on the leg and its getting longer soon as they are finished Ill post pictures! :) I love the colours in the self stripping yarn she gave me and they are so pretty to watch grow... :) Okay off to knit on them some more now!


Secret Pal said...

That looks lovely!!! Have you looked @ Brooke's Column of Leaves -
And I really like that issue of Interweave Knits. There's a vest I want to make in there.

Robin said...

Your spinning looks great!! Congrats and welcome to Spindlers!

Elysbeth said...

Just dropping by from Yahoo Spindlers. I recommend Spindle Spinning from Novice to Expert by Connie Delaney. And also Lee Raven's book. Check your library for Lee's book. It was originally published a couple of decades ago and many libraries (even in rural/tiny towns) have a copy. It explains very well Pre-drafting, which made a world of difference in my spindling though.