Friday, December 29, 2006

Year in Review

I just went and collected the pictures of completed (and one none completed) pictures of my knitting from this year... Heres my year in review....
The Kyoto sweater that I knit formyself (but never wore) for the knitting olympics, and yes I did finish it in time! :)
The baby sweater that I made for Marks nephew. I loved that knit! Shame that it was never worn, the head opening was to small and always forgot to get it off his sister to fix while we were there, now the little guy is MUCH bigger so no point in fixing.. Maybe Ill have to make Mark a similar looking one and make him wear it. ahha I just think its pretty. :)
This was the very first thing I ever made without a pattern. More I just started knitting every row after casting on some number of stitches and it just sort of grew so I sewed together to make arms picked up stitches and knit a border and called it day.. Liked it alot but dont really wear it...
I just HAD to knit that tank top from Vouge knitting or knit simple, one of the vouge magazines anyways. It stays pretty much hidden, what was I thinking?? knitting a top out of chunky yarn for the summer??? Next time someone yell at me please! haha
the bear I knit for my neice that I never finished stuffing or sewing upstill in its bits and peices in my box. Maybe Ill do it this year for her birthday... hmmm... I love the way the stripped yarn turned out on her though. :)
The sweater that I spent alot of time on knitting. I finished the front the back and part of one of the arms before I finally admited defeat and realised no matter how much blocking I would do this would NEVER fit so upset about it I just ripped it all to bits and decided as much as I loved the pattern it was NOT getting knit.. maybe another time....
My beautiful Madeline how much I loved you! Even though I had a headache with the border but got there in the end... I LOVED this knit and I want to make MORE! Maybe Ill make another one for this autumn in another colour a proper colour but I HAD to have it in black first time round. :)
My first attempt on a top down sweater and my first proper go at designing even if it was just a panel pattern out of a book. Still loved the sweater and this was made from my big mistake back in July
My first ever toe up socks! And I went and put a design on them.. I made them from cotton, I wouldnt do that again but I do like them. :)
My simple v-neck alpaca sweater, other then madeline my favorite knit! also a top down with no pattern...
My very first and only knit hat. With no pattern but my own (which I have wrote down and MUST sort out and put up here!)
My secret knit out of alpaca.... Still need to wash and block this! :)
My christmas sweater! another lovely soft melt in sweater... Was knit using Sirdar Breeze or something like that a cotton acrylic mix... Like I said I ripped apart another sweater I knit last year to make it... :)

Now what isnt shown are the Norwegian stockings that I started but NEVER finished. Loved the look of them just got REALLY bored and I hadnt finsihed the first one, I never would have made it through the second one, will have to try and redo those one of these years. haha :) And then of course my toothpick socks because they arent finished they arent making a show, hopefullyI will finish those without to much headache... and then my sp socks. Knitting on those just not finished with them.. Again in the new year so those will be part of next years round up....
Hope you enjoyed this years round up I had lots of fun knitting each of the things I did, hopefully in 2007 I will have even more to knit and show off! :)


Secret Pal said...

I love the socks! I can't remember if they said they were self-striping, but they look absolutely yummy! I will order your yarn here soon and send out a package - I might send your yarn separate so you might get a package or 2 soon.


andi said...

OMG! Fabulous year in review. Everything is gorgeous! J, I'm impressed!!