Thursday, January 25, 2007


I got my package from my secret pal!! WOO HOO I have been waiting patiently for it to turn up after getting her email saying it was on the way and it came this morning just after 11!!! WOOHOO!!! :D
Picture 001
It went from that to this
Picture 003
Then to this...
Picture 015

Theres some sticky note pads shaped like hearts and then some not cards shaped as hearts plus a magnet thats a big ol J! :) And funny enough we actually need another magnet because we only have 2 wee ones on the fridge and they are at their holding limit every time you try to stick something new under them they fall off! hehehe...
The stitch-n-bitch Calander! I got a daily knitting calander as well but its a different one, and I had a VERY QUICK flick and it looks really good! :)
Some BEAUTIFUL smelling hand made soap in a Cinnamon and Peppermint (that have made the bedroom smell really lovely just sitting in here!) also got some Vanilla sugar hand lotion equally nice smelling some mint lip shine balm that I have on and smells good and feels nice! Will have to make sure the mister doesnt take it! So that will have to go and hide in my coat pocket. hahaha :) Also got a really lovely smelling cinnamon candle,,, again will have to hide that so the mister doesnt burn it when Im not here.. :) I want to be able to smell the loveliness of it! :)
A really beautiful hand made angel ornament that my sps Mom had made for everyone they know and I think its just beautiful! Its my first handmade CUTE ornament that I have for the tree for next year!! :)
I also got a needle case, AND ITS PINK! and a chibi darning needle set! :) The funkiest cute little sheep tape measure and its got a little button on its bum that you press and the arm (tape measure) wizzies back in to his body.. I was playing with it for a few minutes thinking it was the funkiest little toy for lil ol me! hahaha I also got the little red snoopy figure, that will go with all my Tigger toys sitting around the computer (once I get mine fixed, and who knows when thats going to be right now.. no I aint complain!)... and I also got a some choccies,, YUM! I already ate the little strawberry that was in it, and I am going to offer Mark one but hes not allowed the turtle so that leaves a little (I think its dark) choccie and a little white choccie ball but that turtle its mine! :)
I also got Knitpicks Merino in hollyberry (2) and vanilla (1) to make these mittens from knitty and then I also got a big ole skein of knitpicks bare that Im not sure what I will do with just yet, but I know that I can dye it and make some socks, or something with it... its got over 400 yards (I think) of yarn and Im going to make something equally as cool as the mittens! :) With the mittens I might make them a flip top because I know how my hands can get a bit to hot sometimes... .. hopefully I will be able to achieve it and make them look kick bootie still. :)

THANK YOU SO MUCH AMY! I had a great round with you being my secret pal! :) And it was my first round ever so it was even all the more fun not knowing what to expect!! :)


Amy said...

I'm glad that you love my gifts! And I'm glad that you enjoyed taking part in Secret Pal. I loved doing it. And love keeping in touch with everyone.

andi said...

Wow Wee! Very nice package from your SP! What fun you're gonna have! :)

Amy said...

Oh, is that merino style enough?

Jenn said...

Amy, it should be, because its just over what the pattern calls for anywas by I think a yard? and Im sure the lady who wrote it even had left overs.. :) I SWORE I had the needles here for the gloves and realised I have all the wrong sizes.. OOPS! So Im going into town today and buying the needles! :) I love buying knitting stuff! haha :)