Saturday, January 27, 2007

Gloves 1

I picked up the needles that I needed to start the gloves yesterday! :) WOO HOO!! Of course when I went to the store to get them and asked for the 3.25 and the 3.5 that I needed I was told that they didnt have a 3.5mm and anyways why would I need that size its so similar to the 3.25 they had what seemed every other size BUT the 3.5... How I didnt say something rude to the lady I dont know! Why is it that some people think they can speak down to you? Sure she was just saying they didnt have the 3.5 but it was the way she said it to me and the way she looked at me like how dare I knit at my young age.... ARGGGG I was able to get a 3.5 from a tiny market stall anyways, then I came home and started my gloves.. :) Or well glove as Im doing them one at a time I couldnt be bothered to try and find 2 of both needles!
Picture 017
The inside back view.... its so pretty
Picture 019
The outside back view... just as pretty, and that almost solid looking red line is due to the white being pulled slightly to tight, oops!
Picture 018
The inside front view,,,, how pretty is that? and ooo that will keep my fingers nice and toasty!! :)
Picture 020
And that is the outside view of the front. :) Pretty!
Thats what I did (-3 rows) from yesterday... I could have had more to it but last night I stopped knitting and decided to lay on the bed and watch telly and be completely lazy... But I just HAD to show off the gloves. :) Now just to finish it and do the other one... Hopefully I will have a new pair soon! :) Im gonna be going for it... haha...


Amy said...

They's sure purdy.

It was a shame that Son of Beast did lose its loop. But, hopefully their will be some nice air-time hills or something in its place. I got to ride it twice (it's premiere year and 2003) and it was a rough ride both times (it was my first looping coaster, but not my roughest ride on a coaster). Like I've said on my blog, I'm really hoping they are going to get that coaster that's in their parking lot.

andi said...

Gorgeous! It's coming along nicely.