Friday, January 19, 2007

All done! :)

I finished my scarf this morning! :) WOO HOO I just need to give it a quick hand wash and pinning out and then I will take pictures and have a beautiful scarf all for myself! :) A new one at that! One I never thought I would have as I refused everything before as I didnt want to stop wearing my pink one I made as my very first knit... But I suppose you do outgrow things after all.. or well just get a better winter coat that doesnt fit the scarf. heheh
Pictures to come! :)

I just steamed blocked this I couldnt be asked to pin and wait! Im an impatient sort of person.. And Nikki, you wanted to see the coat.. so here yall go! :) The scarf... I cut my head out of the top picture becuase I look HORRIBLE today.... and I covered it in the second photo..hehehe


andi said...

WOW! It's beautiful!! The colors are fantastic! Good Job!! Of course you always do! :)

Secret Pal said...

That looks so yummy! I don't remember if you've told us what yarn you used. And it does go wonderfully with your coat.

Sourire11 said...

Beautiful scarf!!! I don't know if I've seen a verigated Branching Out yet - yours is really, really pretty.

Nikki said...

Jenn, your new coat AND your scarf look absolutely fantastic. I'm in love with them both. You're looking oh so classy and super chic. Thank you for modeling them both and for showing us the piccies.