Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Its finished....

First this First.. :)
I finished the socks that my sp gifted the yarn for and I must say I LOVE THEM!! Finished them Sunday night but only took the photos yesterday and was out most of the day so didnt have a chance to blog about them until now! :)
I LOVE how they feel!! they are SO SOFT!!! I keept saying to poor Mark, "Have I told you how soft these are yet?? Well you know they are!" Finally when we were home and just about to get ready for bed and I asked him for the upteenth time he said "Yes you have, all night infact!" haha oops! Well I love them!! I wore them with my boots which I love but arent the most comfortable on the feet as in not very fluffy soft! But these socks sure made them feel that way! haha :) anyways here there are...
Picture 011
Just chillin out on the bed looking all pretty in there goodiness. :)
Picture 013
Short row heel and toes were used and just a basic 2x2 rib. :) As you can see better in this picture the stripes dont match up, I did try but it looked as though it was one full skein of hand painted wool that then go skeined into two balls for even socks but the stripes run opposite each other and you know what I didnt think Id like it that much but I do, I love the way the look when you look down at your feet! :) hahah
Picture 015
Here they are peeking out from under my pants yesterday... See how CUTE they look? Who wouldnt love wearing those??? And have I mentioned how soft they are? :) hehe
Picture 014
AWWW look, they love each other!! :) Isnt that just darling! :) I think it is anyways. hehehe
So heres the deal
Basic Toe Up Pattern from I was going to use the one that came with the socks but they used the figure of 8 cast one and I TRIED I really did but I SUCK badly at that and they looked HORRIBLE and holey on the toe so I ripped it out and did a crochet cast on and went from there. Worked each toe seperately and then joined on two circs once I had to pick up the cast on stitches.
They were knit on two circs at the same time. Its so easy. I could have done both toes at the same time but I think it takes longer becuase you are constantly changing yarns for each ball... The heels I did one at a time as well just becuase as I said I find it easier. :)
The yarn was gifted to me from my fab secret pal as I said and it is SW Zebrato II The fiber Denn Handdyed sock yarn 100% Superwash wool 128 yds/2oz 6.5sts=1" on US#2 needles.

Now because I finished that on Sunday that meant Monday I could start my scarf! YIPPIE! Says I....
Picture 001
Look how beautiful that skein looks!
Picture 008
and wound up... still a bit blurry, but its still beautiful! :)
On Monday I decided that Branching Out was the prefect scarf in the end for this yarn. I casted on and started I knitted a bit Monday and then again yesterday it was looking really nice! Then last night I realised it looked REALLY wrong somewhere I managed to screw up the center line! I dont know where and I dont know how! So I was gutted I tried to fix it but it was to far gone the easiest way for me was just to rip out and start over from scratch so thats what I did. My progress over two days of knitting pretty much looks like the ball up there in the picture! I was gutted but I made couple minor mistakes in the beginning anyways but nothing that effected the overall look on the scarf until the end before I ripped it out so thats WHY because I said to myself I can fix the small errors now.. and no the small ones didnt effect the big one! I think when we left yesterday and I set it down when I came back and picked it back up I was all confused and started knitting the wrong row and just continued on without noticing I was messing it up! oh well you live and learn... The scarf was looking BEAUTIFUL as well thats why I will keep Branching Out as the pattern fore this wool. :)

And yesterday was Marks Birthday HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I LOVE YOU! :) He had a doccies appointment and had to get blood drawn :( and I was waiting for him out in the waiting room and I heard the nurse go "oh its your birthday today!" and then she started singing I about wet myself laughing outside the door... He wanted to slightly forget yesterday was his bday... He also decided that yesterday would be his stop smoking day and he did REALLY good all day long. :) I hope he sticks to it today I gave him his sweets to take to work.... I gave him money for his gift as I know what he wants but I dont know WHAT TYPE becuase its something for his car and Im sorry but Im USELESS at things like that so instead I gave him money and yesterday after the docs we went to the car store and the guy that FINALLY decided to help us was so uninterested that we walked out without the thing he wanted. We went to another car store but they didnt have what we wanted then we went to see his parents was there for a good while then went to the store and came home. Today hes gone to work and is going to try a car store near where he works hopefully the people are more interested in trying to sell something there then they were here.. It even ticked me off! Sorry but do your job buddy I felt like shouting... and perhaps because it was supposed to be his birthday gift he was buying... Oh well a day late isnt TOO bad is it? He had to wait until the 26th for his xmas gift so I suppose hes used to it..

Right off to go knit me scarf! :)

Oh yeah SP I have all of those books already! :) I tend to buy any book that looks good when I walk into Tescos in town because their top ten paperback books are less then 4£ a book! :) So I tend to splurge on myself now and again... :)


Knitman said...

the rib socks look great. Are they shiny?

Secret Pal said...

They look lovely!! I love the way the heel looks and the different color toes will tell what foot to put them on ;). I will try to get your package out no later than next week - I just have some small things to finish up. That's a pita about that guy. I hope he had better luck with the other one.