Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Book done... Scarf coming....

So I somehow managed to hurt my back over the weekend and I ended up laying on the bed all weekend moaning like an idiot and reading. I finished my first book for the TBR 2007 challenge and it was Jodi Picoults Plain Truth. Another good book by Mrs Picoult. But I love all of her books that Ive read. This book is about an Amish girl whos being tried for the murder of her baby in the English (american) courts. Its just the story of her, her family and her lawyer whos english. Its so good I didnt want it to be finished when it was! You get so wrapped up in the story and of the characters that when the stories over you just want to find out what happens to the character after. And I mean that in a good way not in a way that the book is rubbish because its not! :)
So that means I did VERY LITTLE knitting.. Okay I did 1 repeat and thats 10 rows all weekend on my scarf and it ws so uncomfortable that I just decided that one row was plenty.. but today the back is feeling better... Not great but I can sit up today! :) And so I knit 2 repeats so far with trying to do some laundry... Its slow going but someones gotta do it! Heres the picture of the much awaited scarf....
Picture 109
That gold runs from side to side up the scarf and looks so lovely!! I think Branching out was the perfect pattern for this yarn! :) I cant wait until its finished and I get to block it and wear it! I dont care that its not cold enough out there a sweater and the scarf and ill be fine! hahaha
One last picture... Mark will HATE me if he knows Im doing this but tough! :) This was from New Years Eve... Just before Midnight actually.... Arent we sexy! oh yeah!
Picture 017
Excuse his no shaving.. He wasnt feeling good that day and I made him get up and party with me new years eve... even though it was here in the flat with just us.. :) (it was a great night. haha)


Secret Pal said...

That is a lovely scarf! At least it didn't do any pooling like my scarf did. I've read Plain Truth! I read it a couple of years ago (when I had access to a decent library) and I really like it. That scruffy look looks good for him ;-). Look for an email from me later today.

Nikki said...

Hey Jenn, guess who? LOL.
I've been meaning to leave you a blog message so here you go my dear. Tadarrr!!
Love your scraf. I want one, the colour is gorgeous. Almost as gorgeous as those two sexy people in the photo. You both look very cute and happy together. Wub you girlfriend!!!! :):)

andi said...

Awesome scarf! Tres chic! Cute couple... I hope he's doing better.