Monday, January 22, 2007

Today is special...

I know your wondering why today would be such a special day? Well its our (Mark and I) 4 year anniversary! :) Okay sure we arent married, but as good as in my eyes... We have actually "known" each other for five years... But that first year was over the internet and phone calls, so we always say are anniversary is the day I came here. :) And yep, that was four years ago!! I swear it doesnt seem that long ago!
What did we do today? (since I am writing this at 10.30 at night!) Mark went to work this morning as normal, came home at 4.30, a bit early than normal. We watched some telly, I had a stir fry and he had a side of cow, I mean a steak... Thats it.. no cards no flowers.. :( However I did look at buying myself some flowers (with his money!!) but all the ones at the store were half dead or so laughably expensive that there was NO WAY I was going to buy them.. umm Im sorry but spending 10£ on half dead flowers just doesnt make sense to me,,, Ill buy myself some yarn soon from him. :)
I did say that this weekend (as in coming) that I wanted to go out and he said we will see.. he might have to work. :( But hopefully he doesnt and we go out.... Even though he didnt get anything for me (which I knew he wouldnt anyways) he still remembered! and that alone is a good thing.... Hes never made a big deal about things like this but just him remembering is a big thing for me. :)
Tomorrow is el cheapo day at the movies so I think I might go down and watch The Persuit of Happiness while Marks at work... he HATES going to the movies so if I go its by myself... and I REALLY want to see this movie after hearing so much about and seeing the trailor every two minutes (so it seems) on the telly... We will see though what tomorrow brings when the time comes that the movie is on. :)
Oh btw, I just have to say I am SO PROUD of Mark... He has gone two weeks (as of tomorrow morning) without having a smoke! Hes using the Niquitin CQ patches, hasnt had a craving only has found himself looking for his smokes then laughing when he realises he wont find them. Hes not grouchy or eating loads of rubbish as you can sometimes find. Hes also noticed the benefits of not smoking, such as smelling things like rice being cooked, and taking big lung fulls of air. He did have a bit of a cough after day 2 but that only lasted a couple days and hes been fine ever since. Hes just doing great, and Im happy that I dont have to deal with the morning cig anymore.. That was probably the worst one for me, some days it would honestly make me feel queazy... and I used to smoke! havent though for something like 5 going on 6? years I think.. I cant remember how long its been or the day I actually stopped because I was tired of smoking and had one cig the morning I quit it made me feel sick and my mom told me if I carried on I would end up with all sorts of problems and that was it I didnt have another one.. I hope Marks the same.. :) Hes already admited if for some reason he fails he will be SOOOOOOOOO disappointed in himself... Hes got 2 guys at work to quit just by telling them how good hes felt.. and he finds the smell really horrible himself now. :) WOO HOO!
Alright Ive rambled on about a load of stuff now and no knitting.. Only because I havent done any.. I know I have my toothpick socks to finish and I suppose I should work on those but Im trying to figure out if 45g of Fleece Artist Merino sock yarn is enough for some ankle socks, anyone know?? if not Im sure I could make a pair of pretty (small) wrist warmers for sitting around the house knitting with? But seriously I should think socks first and not what else I can make! HAHA


Amy said...

Happy Anniversary! Did you do anything special for him for his 2 weeks? That's a great fete (sp?) and also amazing that he got a couple of the guys to quit.

andi said...

Happy Anni! We're all proud of him too for kicking the nic-sticks.

Nikki said...

Happy anniversary TiggerJenn & Mark. I hope you both have many more to follow.
You'll also have to pass along my congrats to Mark on making it 2 weeks without a ciggy. My Mark is doing well too. He's just over 2 weeks smoke free so YAYAYAYAY to them