Friday, December 08, 2006


So on Wednesday I made myself some cookies.. I say myself only because Mark doesnt tend to eat cookies. I dont know how he can do that but he does! I LOVE COOKIES! okay I just love anything thats bad for you! HAHAHA But I made them Wednesday gave a couple out and I have pretty much ate the rest. YUM! chocolate chip cookies are the best!!!
Yesterday I ripped apart one of my sweaters that I knitted ages ago purely becuase its like 5 sizes to big (I dont know how it should actually be slightly to small!) and its been sitting in the corner for ages I have worn it a couple of times but I really started to hate it and thats why I havent worn it in ages. So anyways yesterday I ripped it all to bits and wrapped it all up into balls and started to knit a different sweater with it. :) I got rather far with the knitting as well! Its going to be another top down sweater with a cowl/turtle neck thingy. Hopefully I finish knitting it by xmas so that I can wear it! I know thats asking alot but I think if I push myself I can do it! And lets not forget to also add that its on 5.5mm needles. I havent given up on the toothpick socks its just I want a cuddly sweater for xmas day to wear and then Ill do the socks promise!
Today I went into town and returned a shirt I got for Mark yesterday that didnt look right on him. While I was down there I made him some business cards on one of those machines that you just pick and type in what you want it to say. Got 20 for 2£, and then when I came home today I played around on the computer and made him one, he liked it, but just wasnt what he really wanted so he looked around and seen a couple and then I had an idea of what he was looking for and spent about an hour making one just right for him. So tomorrow after he wakes up with a killer hangover from his works christmas party then he gets to go to staples and buy some cards and figure out how to print the things up properly! :) I did print it out on a sheet of paper and they look really cool! He used to have some ages ago but of course hes not got any so now he will have more. Im rather proud of my efforts on it as well...
ignore the blured bits on it thats his info that Ive blured. But if your looking for an electrician (rewiring, heating, sound systems, just ask he does alot of stuff!) around Luton or a resonable distance from email me at tiggerjenn at gmail dot com and Ill pass your info on to him. :) *I know cheap ploy for the bf!*
But thats what I worked on, looks sorta simple and I suppose it was really but it was getting everything JUST RIGHT for him. :)
Now I am off to knit on the sweater and watch telly while hes out.. Not really sure what to do with myself normally hes here with me. HAHAHAHAHAHA And I dont have any pics of the sweater yet but I really should take some and post Ive just been to lazy to get the camera out during the day....


Secret Pal said...

What color is the sweater? And chocolate chip cookies are some of the best!

Annarella said...

Choc chip cookies... you must be determined to have me drool at this late hour... me wants some... now!

Will you show the sweater? Ripping took some courage, but it must feel good to know the yarn is being used to create something you'll actually wear - can't wait to see some piccies.

Lurve, xxx