Friday, December 01, 2006

Whats that you say? You love socks?

I finished my secret knit... Its a gift that I will be sending with whatever else I find for my sp. But heres a sneak preview of it. :)
It was a quick and mindless tv knit but I do love the way it turned out and I did want to keep it for myself, but Im being a good girl and gifting it to my sp. I still need to give it a wash and a light hand block but I love it none the less I hope my sp likes it too!! :)
And heres those dang blasted toothpick socks
See only 4.5in so far from the toe, man is it ever going SLOW! Still have another like 3 inches to knit before I can even think of turning the heel.. UGH! I swear these socks WILL get finished and I will LOVE them to bits but I hate them right now because how long they are taking. And to think I want to make my mom and John (step dad) some socks as well.. HA! well okay actually I will do it, but umm I hope they dont hold their breath till they are done and I hope their toes dont get frost bite.... :S
Thats all I gotta show for now, figured some pictures were needed since Ive done posts with none in them at all...
btw, my tooth is feeling SLIGHTLY better, I was able to close my mouth this morning but now I ate my lunch its been aggravated and I cant close it. :( I knew I shouldnt have tempted fate.... Oh well! and I been cleaning like a mad woman and scrubbing things and dusting and now I cant stop sneezing, oh how I love when that happens.. NOT! But it does make everything oh so pretty. :) Been doing lots of laundry as well.. can you tell I been doing everything but knitting?? yeah me too... I did however knit a whole 2 rows yesterday on those socks... Im just that good.. BLAH! off to go fling the sheets over the radiators to dry and throw another load in the wash and try to knit another 2 rows on me socks... the 3 inches will come one day! :)


Secret Pal said...

Oooo - that looks cute - what yarn is that? I don't blame you about the blue socks.

Annarella said...

I know what you mean... they take FOREVA... thank god there's shop-bought sox to get by... ;) xxx