Monday, December 11, 2006

Secret Pals ROCK!

So on Saturday just after I woke up I went down and checked the mail and I had a card waiting for me to say I missed my mail like a fool and had to wait until MONDAY! to pick it up. How could I wait all saturday and sunday knowing there was a goodie waiting to be picked up from the postoffice that was from my secret pal???? But I behaved and I waited and I slept in this morning. OOPS! I had plans of going down at 7am to pick it up but couldnt until 9 when I woke up. haha.. Actually turned out to be 10 by the time I got it becuase I had to run to the store first... :)
Anyways.... I went in the pouring rain becuase I wanted to know what was there so bad and I picked it up!! :)
There is what was waiting for me!! Two BEAUTIFUL skeins of Zebrato II handdyed 100% superwash wool.. sock yarn! and its so pretty!!!
On my screen those colours do look pretty much the same, lovely shades of purple and pinks.
There is a basic toe up pattern to follow as well which I will just do a simple plain sock with these just to show off the beautiful colours on it! :)

And on a side note heres the progress so far on my sweater, planning on getting it finished for xmas. :)
I promise its not that dirty looking!!! HAHAHA Its plain white but I had to play with some settings to try and bring out the cable pattern. The rest of its boring to look at so thats why I just cropped it down. :) But yep Im trying to get it sorted for xmas so that I have something nice and comfy to wear that means I gotta get knitting and quick!! :) Actually its going super quick on its own! I love knitting with big needles sometimes! :D (mind you I do still like small needles but sometimes a big is better)


Knitman said...

Love to sock yarn and am really into cables.
Also read Picoult and Koontz.

Annarella said...

Whoooo hoooo, gorgeous sock yarn from your Secret Pal!

Thanx for posting a pic of your latest sweater, I love the cable, it's so pretty, it's going to look stunning.

PS Watchers by Dean Koontz is my absolutely fave book of all times - must remember to dig it out and read it again.

Take care xx

Secret Pal said...

OOO - I've forgotten how pretty the yarn is. I like the sweater. BTW, I've already done the 4 things and where in Indiana did you vacation?