Friday, December 29, 2006

What I got....

Okay Im still learning how to play properly with my camera. I took I dont know how many pictures last night while I was playing but to say the least they all came out looking like crap... So today I played some more. Im still scared of the wittle camera but thats me.. I dont wanna break it... but I did play and heres what I got! :)
First up the socks! Im loving the simple way these are turning out. :)
Picture 025
the flat one is just sitting on top of some things to make it even height with the "opened up" sock and that has a bottle of the bfs deoderant stuck down in it, shhh dont tell him I borrowed his stuff! HAHAHAHAH
Now heres what I got for xmas bday pressies!! :)
First off my drop spindle:
Picture 031
thats the second small lot of yarn Ive spun, I left it on there becuase I plan on adding to it and not just having that tiny amount.. Ive got this blue colour, a black and a white in the pack.. I started off with the white and the very FIRST spun I did I created this:
Picture 029
At first I was taking my time and thats why you see the thinner stuff then I just got a bit spinning happy and ended up with the thicker stuff when I ran out (well needed to pull more off) I couldnt believe how quickly it went because I wanted to play more, but it was also late at night. :)
Now I also got the camera its an HP Photsmart E427 that comes with its own printer. I love it! Its shorter then my mobile phone but slightly fatter. Still can be held in the hand and stuffed in a pocket as your walking down the street. Its a 6mega pixel camera. I dont understand all the technical stuff the bf got it for me he knows what hes doing! and he knew what I would like! :) I did take it into town twice with me but never pulled it out. :( I will but both times to many people were around and I couldnt be asked to stop and deal with the crowds while trying to take pictures.
Then I got a very pretty silver heart bracelet from his sister and a comfortable soft fuzy off the shoulder sweater from his parents. That Ive already worn (as you do) and its one of those sit on the couch and cuddle yourself sweaters! And it was a size smaller then what I normally buy and it fit me!!!
I went out on the 27th and got me a new winter coat, that went back up to my normal size though! haha
I stole the picture off of Debenhams website. Its where I bought the coat (well from their store in town anyways) Spent 2 hours walking in and out of stores getting depressed that I couldnt find a nice tailored looking coat for myself and then I went back to debenhams (the third store I walked into but left and went back at the end) I walked around and went back to looking at the only coat I sort of liked but didnt really want to buy it because I didnt REALLY LOVE it then I remembered they have a downstairs and went down there and found that little guy sitting all by itself seen it was my size tried it on, fit like a glove and looks GREAT! So I got it. I dont do the belt up but I do love the way it looks and feels. I also dont do it up to the last button like in the photo. Maybe one day Ill get a picture of me in the coat but until then there you have it. I love the coat... Its not leather, its not plastic, its not cotton, its not furry... Its a tailored wool coat... just me! :)
Now all I have to do is wait until the January sales and go in and get me a pair of jeans and Ill be sorted!
Have a great day and I probably wont be on before Sunday evening so have a SAFE and HAPPY NEW YEARS! See you all in 2007!!

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