Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Sweater is coming along got some of the arms done yesterday.. Today and tomorrow though Im going to slug through them and HOPEFULLY finish them!! I LOVE big needles and yarn... Just most of the time I prefer the look of the finished product using smaller yarn/needles I know Im all sorts of confusing when it comes to that. :)
The body was like 170? stitches worked in the round and on the cabled rows would take 10 minutes to do obviously when I was shaping it (first sweater in the round I added proper shaping to!!) it speeded up because I had alot less stitches working! :)

But okay onto some wicked news......
I GOT MY PACKAGE!!! AND OMG DOES IT ROCK!!! Im just not sure who its from???? I am going to go on a limb here and say its from my sp?? as shes the only one who knows Ive been craving a drop spindle.. and THATS WHAT I GOT!! WOO HOO My camera batteries are charging at the moment so I WILL be taking pictures later, I dont get to play JUST YET but trust me I WILL play soon!! :) THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for my gift!!!!!! Assulting the postman asking him to find it for me worked! :) Yesterday I ran into him and asked if it was there he said hed find it for me and drop a note into the letter box and let meknow he found it.. he did and I picked it up this mornign!! WOO HOOO

Also today I got LOADS of mail!! :) Walked Mark to the door and he just kept picking it up and then handed it to me with a funny look and said "its all for you" .... I love mail becuase I NEVER get any but one time a year! AHAHAHAHA :) I got 2 birthday cards (one made me cry and the other laugh... the crying one was piglet getting a BIG hug from pooh bear he knows Im a fan) from my dad each with pictures in it from when I was about 10!! Made me laugh... and I got a christmas card from him with a picture of him and his girlfriend with Santa... :) He gave me money too thats going for a new winter coat. :) Not that I NEED one it just what I WANT because the sleeves on mine are slightly to short and its now annoying me. I like extra long arms that I can wrap around my hands. hahah.... And then I got a birthday card and christmas card from his girlfriend. :) I got a birthday card (that made me cry!!) and christmas card from my Mom and John. And then out of the blue I got a christmas card from my friend Cassie with a picture of her and her partner and their baby she had a year ago.. I will have to be sure to write her becuase I lost her email AND phone number AND home addy over the year and havent been able to get ahold of her now I got her home addy to at least write and say thank you. :)
So I made out today... :) Actually its made my day!! Okay so really I should have waited until Saturday for it all, but hey why not party/celebrate for the rest of the week? ehehhe I still have Marks pressie to open Saturday.. hmm wonder what hes going to get me... :D As Im not even sure what I want! HAAHAHHA

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Secret Pal said...

I'm sorry, but it's not from me. I'm really trying to get things for you. That's cool though that you got a drop spindle. You gave me some more ideas though.