Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Tis the season to be jolly.....

Secret Pal, we stayed in South Bend Indiana. I think I was like 11? I cant remember how old I was I just remember I had a broken nose and two BIG black eyes and looked like a racoon that summer! HAHAHA :) But a friend of the family moved out there and we went to go visit them spent a week or two? out there with them, it was great! And we went and seen Notre Dame, my dad being a HUGE (american) football nut that was his highlight of the trip he was like a kid in a candy store. I thought it was pretty cool myself. :) You know specially with THIS (for those of you not into american college football you can see this from the endzone of the football stadium it is rather stunning!).... We went we say we took pictures (of course I have none here in England dads got them all back in Ohio...
Anna the sweater sat there for so long that after thinking about it for ages I finallly got the never to rip it to bits (or well balls) trust me I had a sinking feeling the whole time thinking OMG AM I DOING THE WRONG THING!! STOP NOW BEFORE ITS TO LATE! But of course I didnt... I just kept on going, as you said it looks great now and well will (in my mind) look great when I finally finish it! I cant wait. :)

Now on to some christmas fun.....
Whats your favorite christmas treats to eat? Mine are all the yummie cookies and pies! Chocoalte chip cookies are my fav to make and I just use the recipe from Nestle Tollhouse its never failed me yet! :) Of course I delete the chopped nuts, not that they arent good I just find them a pain if I dont use the whole bag and find it a bit of a waste of money as well... So whats your favorite snack to eat and how do you make it?? (can you tell I want to make some new stuff this holiday season!)
Our tree, okay so its short I think its like only 5foot..... But its our tree and I like it.. Next year I want to not be so lazy and actually knit some ornaments for it considering the tree has ALWAYS looked the same I havent bought new ornaments for it since we first got it. :) but its our tree and it makes me happy! :)
I rolled this into balls today and look how pretty it is!! and OMG is it soft!! I cant wait to cast on with it. :) I got (or rather should have) some free needles in the size the pattern calls for (2.75mm) US2.... I mean come on whats another pair of socks and a sweater? I normally only knit one thing at a time but those colours really have me drooling... I swear it was an actual pleasure to wind those skeins up by hand and seeing the colours change slowly from the pink to the purple. Well I say pink but its a pinky purple more then pink... :) SO PRETTY!! I cant wait to have them as socks.. Maybe just MAYBE I can knit them quick enough along with my sweater and have a new sweater and pair of socks to wear, who cares if I dont have pants I got a new sweater and socks! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Right I better get off of here and go KNIT!! :)

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