Thursday, November 23, 2006

Turkey Day....

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Well at least those in the states celebrating.
I will be doing my dinner tomorrow night, having a sweet ham, mashed taters, boiled carrots, and fresh yummie stuffing! :) Was going to make the dinner tonight but seeing as though its not celebrated here in England Marks gotta work late tonight and get up in the morning and have a rush day at work to make it home in the afternoon for a docs appointment. To much food will slow him down, thats why I will be making it Friday. :) A day out aint bad? :)
Soup I made yesterday turned out YUMMIE! Mark took 2 bowls worth to work with him I ate a bowl and a half last night it was so good and he of course had a bowl as well, Ive had half a bowl for my breakfast... yes yes yes I know its not breakfast food but hush, its good!... and tonight I will eat some more for dinner and hopefully be able to find Mark a side of cow hes been good eating chicken and fish he needs some beef now and again... And I think after my dinner tonight means that pot of soup will be gone, it was a big pot as well! But about right 6-8 bowls of soup in each pot of soup we have made...
The knitting is coming along, I knit about 16 rows on my secret project and 2 rows on my toothpick socks. See heres my problem with my toothpick socks. I have a naturally sweaty problem. Regardless what I try to do how high/low I keep the temp I either have cold hands and feet or sweaty hands and feet. Mark refuses to hold my hand for long periods because of how bad they can get. Ive always been like this, and hey lets not forget I have oily skin/hair. I would love to know what its like to be able to wash my hair every other day... anyways I digress!... So my problem with the toothpick socks is due to my hands being sweaty and the needles being so small my hands being pretty much closed and trying to concentrate on the small work makes my hands even more sweaty and lets face it, sweaty hands and knitting dont mix... But I get times in the day I have dry hands and I make the most of it and knit as much as I can. But of course that only lasts for a couple minutes hence the short amount of rows completed.
Now Im off to dry my hands, which heres another problem I have, because I have such wet hands my hands are often dry and irritated, specially in the winter I get little red skin rashes on them, I do try lotions but give up on them after they just make my wet hands worse! UGH! Oh well... at least I can knit. :)
Off now to try and knit on me socks...
Happy Thanksgiving once again! :)

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