Friday, November 17, 2006

Always carry an umbrella

This is why in England when they say on the news its going to rain and their are grey clouds in the sky you should ALWAYS take your umbrella with you!

Now I dont mind getting wet, but come on! It was COLD! and every time I walked past a corner I got a cold breeze which made it even colder I stopped and only buttoned up one button becuase it was raining to hard and I just wanted to get home.... All for the love of hot chocolate! :) Now Im towl drying some of the rain from my hair and sitting in my pj bottoms while my jeans are on the heater drying and my coat is on the back of the chair facing the heater drying.. UGH! and oh listen.. its raining again, man sounds heavier Im glad I am home and not getting wet anymore...
Why is it that when your a kid you LOVE running and playing in the rain but as you get older that just isnt the way anymore? Okay so secretly I enjoyed walking in the rain but I was glad to get inside, I just hope I dont catch another cold now from this. :)

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