Thursday, October 04, 2007

Sock Pictures

I was going to take pictures yesterday but by the time I got ready to take them it was a bit lacking in light! So instead I waited until today and am rather glad its been such a BEAUTIFUL SUNNY day out! :)
This first picture is the TRUE colour of the yarn! I dont know why my camera decided to change its colour in the rest of the pictures because it didnt use a flash!

HPIM0413 ...Real colour

The front, and back look of the sock. I really like it you know...

The sides of the sock with the cable running down, again I really like it!! :)

Last night when I was nearly finished knitting the leg I asked Mark to try it on for me. Hes so cute!! :) I have NEVER knit for him so I have NEVER asked him to try something on, instead I just bore him with the "LOOK AINT IT GREAT!" and all its done has grown a couple of rows he soon gets bored and just amuses me with a smile a VERY sarcastic "Yeah!"..... But last night I asked if he would please try the sock on.. He took his sock off pulled it on to just his foot and said "now what?" And I giggled as one does when ones bf is wearing a half a sock and I said well would it fit on your leg and not be to tight?!?! He said "yes it will but now what?" I said oh thats all THANK YOU!! Because I am making these socks for his dad, I know they are about the same size foot wise that I could get him to try them on and know they would fit! I am now thinking I REALLY do need to knit Mark something... a really POSH pair of socks or something..
Before you all think I am horrible to my wonderful man I am not... He just doesnt do knitted things... Honest to goodness! Hes got loads of knitted (store bought) sweaters sitting in the wardrobe that he just wont wear he prefers fleece sweaters... So eventually when I start sewing again, I might have to sew him a couple really nice ones, with pockets! hes a bit like me and prefers his pockets.... But I should make him some christmas socks since the rest are getting them huh?
Right I showed the pictures now I am back off to knit.. I cant waste time! SORRY!


andi said...

Beautiful. You're starting early... good thinking.

KnitYoga said...

I'm in awe of your organisation with your Xmas knitting! You've been very busy. Well done! The melon stole is beautiful. Love the colour you chose!