Thursday, October 11, 2007

1 down 1 to go!

I finished one of the socks!! :)

Here it is lounging out on my book shelf enjoying a bit of sun on what was actually a rather rubbish day... but at least we got a bit of sun yesterday. :)

I finished the sock on Saturday but have only just took its picture to put up.. This pattern is really easy to knit and I dont mind that I was knitting it for a mans foot it went really quick!! :) moving along nicely on the second sock as well...


Heres the progress on the second sock but funny I took that yesterday afternoon and I am now past the heel and gusset stitches and will be working on just the foot today hopefully before long Ill be finishing it up and start the next melon scarf! I have decided to do one melon and one pair of socks that way I dont get to bored with knitting the same thing over and over and over again.


and can I just say I am addicted to Ravelery not for posting things on there but for checking out the new patterns that are being added and the new groups and then adding things to my queue to knit later... I currently have 70.. will I ever knit all 70? Doubt it! But its fun to add them! HAHAHAHAHAHA


andi said...

Nicely done!

Amy said...

Lovely! What did you stuff the sock with? I can't wait for the other one to be done.

Oh, I have PS, I love you also! That's a good book.

Anonymous said...

those socks are gorgeous, i love the muted colours. you're defeinitely inspiring me to start to use smaller needles! *^_^*