Saturday, September 16, 2006

Pictures of Sweater

Like I said, I finished the sweater yesterday!! :) SOOO happy!! Two and a half weeks it took to finish, aint bad if I say so myself! :)

My camera is NOT happy with me today!! I have tried taken a couple of pictures and they seem to come out worse then the one before, YIKES! So I gave up before I looked really freakish! :)

I dont have a red face nor a very pale neck like this picture is trying to say I do! I told you the camera hates me today. :)

And the pretty close up of the sleeve panel! :)

As you can see I decided to make a plain body. I did a Picot Bindoff on the sleeves and lower body, I was going to pick up the stitches and knit the picot bind off on that as well but decided I couldnt be bothered so instead I got me a 4mm crochet hook (I didnt have or couldnt find maybe a 3.75mm crochet hook) and I crocheted a picot edge to the neck. :)

I used 3.75mm cicular needles for the body 80cm for the arms a 60 and an 80 instead of 4 dpns as the 60cm was slightly to big just on its own so I spereated the stitches in half. Sirdar Luxuary Cotton in Sage, I will use this again as I find it very soft. And for Mark who wont wear wool now has no way to complain when and if I knit him a sweater! HAHAHA that is where I got the basic constructional help for creating my very first sweater all on my own! :)

Let me know what you think, please be brutally honest! :) (oh btw, its slightly bigger then it should be because when in the 2.5 weeks of knitting I have managed to loose 1.5in off my chest! WOO HOO which really only puts me almost back to wear I was at the begining of summer I managed to put a bit of weight on from having the munchies really bad over the summer. hahaha)


colin said...

I am very impressed. The desing is good, the stitches look even, the colour is good. Hope you feel proud of it. Excellent work and thnak you for showing it.

Holly said...

It looks great! I want to learn how to knit so bad. I've bought needles...yarn..a book...can't figure it out lol. Everytime I see what you've made it makes me say...I gotta learn how! Great job! : ) -Holly


Very impressed, it looks as if it fits you well, if a little loose for a great reason! Well done.

Jaime said...

your sweater turned out great! WTG!!

Vivarant said...

I still can't believe you can knit. MY Grandmother and Nana used to make such wonderful things but that talent left with them. I'm like holly I wouldn't even know where to begin. It turned out great now you can get started making one for the family by the holidays!

Wibbo said...

Nice sweater! Well done on designing it yourself.

AmyP said...

Popped over from UKHandknitters - very nice jumper. I love the lace going down the sleeves. It really adds a nice twist to an otherwise plain (stocking stitch) piece.

Annarella said...

Jenn, this is amazing, I can't believe it's your first design, you're a natural. I love the lace pattern you chose for the sleeves, it looks great on you!! :)


ZhiWen said...

Very much impressed! You are a good knitter :) You don't look bad in the pictures, just very serious ;)