Tuesday, September 19, 2006

the Good the Bad the Ugly

Ever so excited. The grey vneck alpaca sweater is moving right along and looking beautiful! :) Ive connected the front, and under the arms and have worked about half an inch so far on the body.
The alpca has been lovely to work with! and Ive made my first invisible spit and felt join with the wool. Ever so happy about that. and I kept rubbing until it was the same thickness as the rest of the yarn, mind you it was MUCH tighter but it was the same thickness, I didnt mark where it went but now I cant find it! So thats means I did a good job in my eyes! :)
Now onto crap news, while I am getting loads of knitting done, I have caught a cold. It really sucks! My first proper cold in 3.5 years (I think its been that long anyways!) and I want it to go away!! Luckily so far its just my nose and back of throat and nothing else... Im waiting for the fuzzy head cough and feeling weak I know its coming, but if I keep thinking Im not sick I hope it wont hit me so hard! HAAHAHHA
Other crappy news, my computer is dead. :( It died on Saturday evening. Just sitting there did nothing to upset it and it decided to give me a good telling off by the motherboard taking a jump off a tall cliff and refusing to get back up... We thought it was the power supply at first and changed that, it nearly booted, but then we couldnt get it to go again and so now I need a new computer. UGH! Luckily for the time being I get to use Marks computer just have to behave myself and not wreck it... Which will be simple because Ive turned myself to no mail in all my graphics groups on yahoo.
Alright off to makea coffee check the blog world and then cover up and knit while watching some telly, Im being lazy today, Im allowed! HAHA :)


Annarella said...

Lots of hugs to make you feel better, make sure Mark takes good care of you and pampers you lot.

Bad news about the computer, it's things like this that make me hate all technology-related stuff with a passion!

So, what are these Yahoo graphics groups then?

Much lurve,


Annarella said...

PS: Just found this FO and thought of you :)