Thursday, September 14, 2006

Dusting the corners out

Okay so I have finally gotten annoyed enough with windows live spaces because people without a liveID or whatever its called arent able to post, so Ive restarted up my blogger account and have decided for ease of my mother I will leave this one running and for ease of everyone else I will copy and post over at blogger the exact same thing that way everyone is happy and I CAN GET COMMENTS Because we all know I like being praised,,, who doesnt?!?!
My other problem is I am not able to easily adjust this space to look how I would like it to, nor am I able to add pretty buttons and things to the sides, but hopefully I will be able to sort that out in blogger in the next couple of days, actually really soon! As Ive already sorted out my lists, now just to add a couple of buttons and I should be all sorted.... :) YIPPIE!!
Once Im all sorted Ill share the link and everyone can update, but like I said it will be the same both but at least those unable to comment her but WANT to will now be ABLE to over there. :)

**of course Ive alread started posting at both as you can see by reading this**

1 comment:

Annarella said...

Yeyyyy, I'm your first commenteer :)

Sorry I can't help you with your Blogger question, when I redesigned AngelKnits I changed the Template (HTML), and hosted the pics on PhotoBucket. Not sure whether that helps at all...


PS: Will swap your old blog with this one on my list, then, ok?