Friday, September 22, 2006

Feels good to feel good

I am feeling better!! And Im knitting again! WOO HOO!!! I started to feel crappy Monday but ignored it telling myself I was fine, you know the whole mind over matter thing. Well Tuesday came and I knew I was in trouble when I woke up and it was like I snored really badly all night long but I still said Im fine. HA! By Tuesday night I was flat out in bed under covers AND STILL COLD, feeling absolutely miserable! YUCK! But I did knit like 2 rows on Tuesday. :) Wednesday came and I didnt leave the bed except to run down the store becuase I was feeling really lazy and I couldnt stand it! and I also stayed out of bed to talk to my mom on the phone and complain about how horrible I felt!HAHAH I didnt knit a single row Wednesday! :( Mark however took extra good care of me by doing the dishes AND cooking a lovely stew for dinner, my choice. :) He never complained about the dishes either, and he HATES doing them more then I do! HAHA... Thursday my cold broke during the night so I had a crap sleep but I was feeling better! and I knitted but not loads but I did try and make a good effort at it, there were still times I needed to lay down and stay under the covers and feel sorry for myself. :) But today, I feel GREAT! Okay I am not 100% as I still have an evil cough that makes it feel like Im trying to hack up glass but I feel GREAT! Been knitting ALL day to make up for the lack of knitting! :)
My sweater is coming along great. I got nearly 12 inches of the body done, only about another 8 or do until its at a length I like. Coming along easily as its plaing stst I am wizzing along and I am able to knit in the dark and watch telly because it matters not for me paying attention round and round I go.... weeeeeeeeeeee.... Sorry got caught up there. :)
Thank you Anna for the feel good vibes. :) And the graphics groups I am on about I do get graphics but its more to play with and make things like this I know I am slightly strange, but I dont really play to much with my psp (paint shop pro) as I used to, my knitting gets all my time anymore it seems. :) hehe

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