Friday, September 15, 2006


I have officially finished knitting my sweater and tucking away the ends (I still need to trim them slightly once I wash and block my sweater)...
I have stuck it in the washer and its going to town on its first spin with the soap powder now... Soon as thats done with its complet cycle I shall pull it out and pin to the floor! I CANT WAIT!! :) Mean I wont be able to wear it until Sunday Monday but thats alright, I dont see it being dried by tomorrow not being pinned down to the floor (well sheet on floor).. But I FINISHED!! Pictures will come, PROMISE! :)
So now that I have finished that I suppose its sorting out the maths for the vneck grey sweater that I am going to do next, as I said its going to be a plain stst sweater with a 2x2 (I think) rib around the neck and cuffs I just want something I can toss on when I am a bit nippy, nothing fancy as I want to be able to wear it with anything I want and not feel I have to dress it up or down. Like this green sweater I just made I see it more as a sweater that will go with jeans but thats really about it... maybe if I find the RIGHT skirt or pair of dress pants that will change, but doubt it...
Okay gotta go rescue my bread from the oven. :) MMM FRESH BREAD! I just had to let you guys know I finished the sweater!!!!!

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