Saturday, July 12, 2008

mini update

I have been here, Ive just not been able to show what Ive been doing. The secret project is finished Im just adding a few bits to it so hopefully Ill be able to show that off shortly.
I started myself a scarf. Ill show pics on Monday of it. Its pretty.
I read Mercy by Jodi Picoult as well. I still love her books! If you havent tried reading anything by her I will urge you to try and find her at your library and borrow a book. Im sure you will enjoy reading one of hers just like everyone else I know whos read does. :)
Ive got myself some material got things cut out of it already for my mom Ill be able to show that off when I finish them. And I need to wash and dry the other lot of material and cut it out before I can start sewing everything together. Im also making a skirt but Ive yet to trace out the pattern for that one.
Like I said hopefully monday Ill come in with pictures of my scarf. Until then. Have a lovely weekend!

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