Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mysteries with socks and pjs!

so the Gentleman socks for Mr Wonderful turned out really well (imo) and he seemed to like them. Soon as I finished them and sorted out the weaving in of ends I walked over to him on the sofa and laid the socks on his chest and smiled. He never even realised they were for him but I knit them the whole time while sitting right in front of him. te he he.. So he wore them and said they were comfortable but a bit long I said I could fix that he said it werent that big of a problem so next time I will actually have to measure his foot and not a sock he had on huh? hahahaahahah
of course they are big on my feet.. Im a girl what do you expect?
oh another pic of the pattern? okay! :)

And I know you want to see my pj bottoms from Amy Butlers In Stitches book so I shall show you all. :)
I bought the fabric on sale it WAS a single duvet cover and I turned them into these instead the more I wear them and the more I wash them the softer and comfier they get. Honestly I hate having to take them off! Thats why I want to find some nice plain cotton and do them in so that I could wear them outa the house. :) But yes I love them. and yes they are supposed to be that baggy. arent they great? ahah meant to have each leg the opposite look of the other but I was a bit silly and ended up laying the pattern out so thatt each leg matched oops! so ones flowers and ones those burst things.. oh well I wanted them cut out right away. I had those done ages ago but am no good at a button hole (which you needed to do for the drawstring) so I left them to the side but got brave enough the other week and finished them off. The string bit isnt tthe best looking holes but it does the job and Im happy so WOO HOO more of these in the future...

That is my PIF that I am working on for Amy. Mom I have a really good idea what I want to do for yours but Ive not settled on it yet. So Ill be staying a bit quiet until its all finished and sent off becauases you cant blog about a gift when that persons going to see it can you? And I am still looking for 1 more person to PIF to who will have to PIF to 3 people and so on and so on... so if your willing to get a gift from me let me know! :)

Right off to go watch some recorded telly programs and work on mystery project! :)


Anonymous said...

Like those britches. Really funky. Look comfy too. Congrats on the socks they are wonderful!

2ply said...

I LOVE those pj bottoms. They are brilliant!