Thursday, March 20, 2008

Slow and cheating

I have been knitting now and again. Im working both sleeves at once and have decided to knit them flat as well. I couldnt find another 3.25mm circular needle in my stash and couldnt be bothered to buy another one either and now my sleeves are growing Ive decided the seaming shouldnt be to bad since its just the sleeves. :)
Yes that is Delia Smiths How to Cheat cookbook. Ive linked to amazon but I bought it at WHSmiths. I seen the two programs shes had on the telly so far and the stuff looked good. It was in the book store when I walked past today and only 12£ (okay I could have saved money getting it online) and I bought it. Ive already flicked about and have dinner planned for tomorrow. tehehe.... See thats why I wanted it! I can plan yummie dinners now!!! :)
But yes I am knitting and thats what my sleeves currently look like (imagine the other one being identical!) and I will eventually have them finished and a cardigan to wear, just not sure when! :) I have also nearly decided on what I want to make this year for xmas pressies. Yes Im already thinking but when you hand make isnt that what happens? You have to start planning right away right?!?!?!?

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Yep! You've got that right!