Friday, March 14, 2008

Cardigans are growing!

Before chirstmas I went out shopping for a nice outfit to wear out with Mr somewhere. I eventually found what I wanted (sort of) but while I was shopping I found this really sweet sweater. It was the only one they had and was on sale. Its Acrylic but you know what, I dont care! I LOVE IT! Its so geeky its GREAT! :) that little white thing is a bit of fluff I didnt realise was there until I looked at the pictures, dont worry its gone now.

Ive been promising you pictures of my sweater I did the three needle bind off for the shoulders and put it on to show off. :) I still have to sew down the front bands knit the arms and the rest of the bands. Ive not decided how Im going to close it yet. I am thinking of making little icords and put some buttons on it. But I think it might be to delicate for all of that. We will see.... maybe an Icord edge all the way up one side that you wont really see? hmm I have to think!
Heres the back view. I really like the way its turning out and cant wait until its all finished and done and I can wear it with a summer dress I want to sew up. :)
And because Mr laughs at me for taking pictures of fluff, I took pictures of my sleeves that Ive just started.


Anonymous said...

That's a really cute sweater and it looks great on you. Love your progress on your project.

Anonymous said...

It all looks great Jenn!