Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Brown Grey and Blue

Gee its been a while! Sorry about that.... Okay so I told you how I bought Delia Smiths cheats cookbook well that Thursday my sweetie went out with an old friend and left me all alone (feel sorry for me people! HAHAHA).. okay he did go out and I was at home but I had a good night! So much so I made the chocolate cake out of her book! :) It used frozen mashed taters and I didnt really believe that it would be nice but you know what it actually was! I never thought I would EVER say that but there you go! :)
Thats them sitting in there pathetic looking muffin cases.. I didnt want a full cake but I dont have a muffin tin. The one I did have we ruined when making yorkshire puddings and so its good for nothing now... anyways I just placed all the paper cups into a roasting tin and filled them up and cooked them for little peices of cake! :) Thats the icing that you make for them. YUM!
I took a small bite and dug in for the second when I remembered to take a picture! OOPS I was to excited to try! :) I had left over icing so I took a pint of milk and made a really yum cup of hot chocolate to go with chocolate cake, yes I was a bit chocolated out at the end of the night. :) But the cake was really good!! Theres a couple other things I want to try out of her book as well eventually I will. :)

Away from baking I did finish the sleeves of my sweater. I just finally got around to washing them and doing a very lazy and quick block on them, and thats why they are looking rubbish in the photo. I still need to knit the rest of the neck band and figure out how I want to close up the sweater and sew things together but its getting there and I am happy.

And I have started another cardigan. This one is Brompton and I am speeding happily along becuase its mindless knitting. Oh how I love that! the wool is from Ebay they said its 100% wool and its slightly darker then its showing in the photo.

Alright thats my update finally hopefully Ill soon be showing you a finished grey cardi!


ahufford said...

That looks yummy! And the knitting's coming along great.

hookedonstring said...

all I can say is....DROOL.

emily said...

think i'll join the queue of drooling readers!