Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Friends Rock

Remember back before christmas me and a friend in Australia decided to swap packages? well we did but mine took 3 months to get to her and hers only took a week toget to me so I sent her another one thinking the first got lost in the mail then they both turned up on the same week. Well she sent me another package full of goodies because she rocks! :) I told her not to but shes stubborn (hmm a bit like err me) and sent it anyways.
Look at my haul! WOO HOO That there up in the back is lime coconut something else body wash lotion and I think body butter? or something like that its all in the bedroom and Im to lazy to run and check. Sorry but let me tell you it SMELLS SOOOOO GOOOD!!! I keep wanting to lick my hands when Ive used it. heheh.... Then I gots me some eye shadows and some coloured lippy gloss stuff and some nail varnish. also a wee key chain (well its a charm that Ive put on my keys) and then because thats all not awesome enough she sent me SWEETS!!!! OMG! that big bar on the side is Rocky Road the little box there in the centre is coffee drops and that big pack as you can see are things called Snicker Pods. IF You EVER see them in the store (Ive never seen them over here) then GET THEM!!! They are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOODDDD!!! I was good and made them last over two days. How I havent a clue I could have sat and ate them all but I was trying to be nice and save SOME for Mark but sadly he had a cold and couldnt taste anything so he just had the one and didnt get it. Thats alright better for me! HA!

Ive finished the body of my cardi Ive just got to do the sleeves now Ill get some photos up of that in a bit. I just wanted to show off my goodies that I got last week. Im just REALLY SLOW with everything lately. Sorry!

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Kessa said...

Those are some cool stuff. :D

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