Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Who does that?!?!

Yesterday I did my laundry, not such a big deal. I then took it and hung it up out the back, again not such a big deal. But what happened next I honestly cant believe, because really WHO DOES THAT?!? I have two lines hanging out the back, I LOVE hanging our clothes up to dry (and hey when you have to pay at the laundrette to dry, or get it free and smelling great you just do it that way). So anyways I ran across the street not noticing anything out of the blue and got some elastic for a shirt Im sewing and got me a little polish treat, wafer bars covered in chocolate with bits of hazlenut YUM!, so anyways I come back home and I just stop dead in my tracks as I am going back into the yard. Right in the middle of all the laundry hanging on the outside line theres a BIG GAP! OMG! Wheres the shirt that was there?!? Did the pegs break and it fell off and is now in the corner from being blown about? Hold on it isnt windy enough for that! SERIOUSLY WHERED THE SHIRT GO?!?! So Im looking all around and then I spot there isnt a darn thing wrong with the pegs BUT they are on tighter then I hung the shirt with. I leave them hanging with the big end so it doesnt crease the clothes... So someone has come into our back yard, mind you I did have the gate open because I never close it incase Mark gets home early then he can just pull his car straight in. Still that doesnt invite people into our yard to steal our clothes!!! Seriously, WHO DOES THAT?!? Of course that made me bring in the clothes that were out there and they had to finish drying hanging out in the house its just not the same as outside. But I suppose for now one the gates will have to be shut and locked when I hang the clothes out to dry. Ive NEVER had that happen before and like I say I hang our clothes out all the time, the only time I dont is when its raining or in the winter.... So if someone sees a person walking around in Marks tshirt (its not even a new one! And it was a work one!) will you let me know so I can say something! GEESH!

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andi said...

Sounds like a Desperate Housewife story.. I bet someone got kicked out of their house with no clothes on. Love air line dried clothes.