Thursday, May 24, 2007

MY DRESS!!!!!!

I finished my dress at 11am yesterday and I wore it out! WOO HOO!! I got ALOT of compliments on it from people who know me... :) I even had one lady ask if I could make her one! :) Makes one feel good when ones only been sewing for what 2 or 3 weeks??? And this is the third clothing item Ive made! (5th thing in all that I sewed, the wee bag and the mishapen coaster) I love it! :) I have another 7 patterns (one of which is a robe so I wont use it) coming that I won off of ebay they are patterns from the 60s...

Thank you Andi and Amy on the comments about my shirt.. :) and mom thank you for the email.. :) I was proud of that shirt! :) I plan on making another shirt thingy over the next couple of days using the same material as that one but with it purple instead of orange.. Hopefully I can pull that one off without a pattern as well.. I think its helped that I knit so that I have an idea how things should be laid out. :)

On to the dress! I know thats the only reason your here looking! :P

Pattern is Retro Butterick '52 B 4790 Fast and Easy (and it was)

It called to use Bias tape, well after talking to my mom and she confirming what I thought its just a nice way to cover up your hems I decided NOT to use any, for a couple of reasons. One I couldnt find any locally, two what I could find (on ebay) was expensive, three Im impatient and wanted the dress NOW! hahah.. So I took my time and folded all the edges over and hemmed them all up and they look fine. :) took an hour just to do the ironing of the hems to stay put but worth it in the end because the edging looks great. (in my opinion!)

It took an evening to iron pin and cut out the pattern, probably doesnt take people who are used to sewing htat long but there was alot of sitting on the floor smoothing out my fabric, talking to Mark, watching telly and THEN pinning down. It then took a following two days to sew it, could have taken just one day but I only sewed up the darts and the tops of the arms and then ironed all the seams to lay the correct way. Then the next day I got buttons for it the day after (yesterday) I did the hemming. The skirt while I was sewing I just kept thinking the curse of the never ending hem! That skirt goes on for ages!!! BUT Its so pretty and full when on and swishy! Was slightly windy yesterday as well and it was blowing and swishing right around me.. I felt so girly and pretty! HAHAHA

PICTURE TIME!!! (theres a fair few!)

The front!!! :)


The back! :)


Left side.


Right side (I know looks the same but I want to show this baby off! HAHA)


And another shot of the front just because I can!! :)



Amy said...

That is ssooooo pretty! And it looks great on you! You're welcome btw.

andi said...

It's gorgeous!! You have the talent woman! So chic! WTG!!!

Nikki said...

Way to go Jenn! As you already know, I'm impressed. This dress looks fab on you. You sassy chick you! hehe.

Knitman said...

So you hsould feel reelay please with yourself. Well done Jenn.

Amy said...

Thanks for the comment, it's suppose to be sunny and humid with rain coming on Monday. So it should be great.

picperfic said...

I've got this pattern sat waiting for me to make I am inspired to do it! Love you enthusiasm! How dare someone steal that shirt off your odd!