Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Complete Outfit!

So its been to hot/muggy here lately to knit, instead I have been playing with my sewing machine! :D WOO HOO!! And lookie! I made myself a complete outfit! :) yes I made them in mind of going with each other and of course I can put other stuff with them like jeans or a different top.. I love my sewing machine ya know! :)
Mark though I was slightly crazy wanting to show off my pants like that, but I am proud of them!! :) They are a Burday Pattern from last months magazine. They do have pockets, honest, I just forgot to stick my hand in to show that fact off... AND I ADDED MY FIRST ZIP!! LOOKIE!!! :D
I was SOOO proud of that. My sweet mom called just after I tried to do it the first time and realised I messed up so I was unpicking the stitches while talking to her on the phone. Got off the phone after our conversation and redid the zip soon as I was done I came running in and showed it off to Mark who wasnt as impressed as I was! HAHAHA But then I called my mom and she got excited with me instead! ehhehe.. :) I was just happy at how close I got the material to the zip and I they flappy bit lays nicely over it to cover it all up! :)
And heres my shirt! :) I used again a Burda pattern but it was one of the free downloads on their website. :) I did a size that was supposed to be two sizes to small on me, but honestly I think I could have gone even smaller with it.I had to cut the shoulder bits down becuase I kept loosing the elastic in the neck! OOPS! but then I am glad I did, I also added the little belty looking bit around the front, of which Mark hates the look, sorry hun!! If I didnt put that there I looked like I was wearing a tent and err I didnt fancy doing it!
Heres a close up of the neck line. :) The elastic goes all the way around so it all has the scruched thing going on. Sorry about the necklace being twisted, Mark got that for me my first christmas here. :D and umm ignore the spotty neck please and thank you! :)
Now I am off to go figure what dress to sew myself now! HAHAH :) I LOVE MY SEWING MACHINE!


Amy said...

Oo, That looks great! Good job on the zipper - I could never get a zipper in that well (and I did sewing in 4-H for about 5 years).

andi said...

Zippers are so hard. You mastered it! It looks great. Heck the whole outfit is awesome!!!

KnitYoga said...

The outfit's wonderful as is the dress you made in your previous post. I am so impressed with how quickly you've got to be expert with your sewing machine! Well done!

Bonnie said...

Jenn I LOVE your shirt!!
You did an awesome job!! Wanna make me one??...ROFL!!
Great job on the pants too chickie!!
Hugs, Bonnie

Knitman said...

I have some shirts that are too big for me Jenn but are reelly nice Bavarian.....

You live too far away-lucky for you!

Great work!

rosie said...

gorgeous! I really need to get back to clothes sewing instead of all the softies!