Thursday, June 21, 2007

I do still knit you know. :)

A couple of people have asked me if I have been knitting still the answer is Yes, I have! :)
Ive not done much knitting lately mind you because its been so hot that I just cant do many stitches before I am sitting in a pool of sweat... yes I have VERY sweaty hands and Ive tried to do things to them but Ive just learned to live with it... Mark loves me for them and always says something when I touch him with my hands! HAHAHAHAHA
I was in town a couple weeks back and the LYS down there FINALLY got in some sock yarn. Okay its only Regia, but hey, its sock yarn! Ive offered them names of yarn that they should look into but nothing ever comes of it, I suppose they prefer to stock more things for scrapbooking then for knitting. Whatever makes them money and as long as they carry SOME yarn then Im happy! :)
Anyways I THINK the colour is 5440 if its not then its 19455 but that might just be the dye lot its not in english and unfortunately I am not lucky enough to know German (I tried to learn in school but when your 18 in a class full of 15yr olds it aint the one! Specially when YOU want to learn but they DONT)
Theres me showing off the bottom of the foot and part of the heel just to get you an idea of the colour, its not so much of the bright looking red/orange its more of a pinky colour.
Thats slightly more like it but still not there, dont you just love how a flash can change the colour? :) But anyways theres what my sock looks like so far a couple weeks in, yes its those MONKEY socks but you know what I like em!! :) The pattern is EASY PEASY to memorize and Ive got alot down the past two days while standing in lines and ridding the bus, and thats only because its not been so humid and hot so Ive not been so sweaty and I can actually handle the wool....
Ive sewed a shirt, its not completely finished yet so that will probably be done tomorrow with pictures.. :) WOO HOO and I have material and another dress pattern for once thats finished. Of course my socks will still be knit on!


Kathrin said...

I really love your blog. I also knit when I have the time (my two current projects are socks and a small bag-like thingy for my cell phone).

If you want you can copy what's written on the paper from the yarn and I can translate it (I'm German). Wouldn't be a problem for me :)

KnitYoga said...

What a lovely colourway your sock's in! Very pretty! I'm blown away by your sewing skills. The black dress in your last post is magnificent. You're obviously a natural!