Thursday, June 28, 2007

My newest shirt

I made another shirt, I swear I love all this sweing stuff!! :) when Mark seen my shirt he told me it was the best thing Ive sewn so far! That made my day normally he just says it looks nice and thats sort of it, he doesnt get as excited at I do about things! haha, BUT he did seem happy about what I had just made... So I know you guys are just screaming show us it already.. SOOOOOOOOOO here you go! :)
I appologize for the rubbish picture, I HATE taking self timed pictures, and my batteries died! :( So I got this blurry one and then and then just one clear one of the back to show off and here that is...
Oh yeah, sorry for not smiling up in the front one, BUT I was and then by the time it clicked my face hurt for trying to sit there smilling for that long, OOPS! I really aint a grumpy person, promise. :)
The pattern is New Look 6627 vie D with modifications like not using Jersey Knit instead using Cotton. Not having the ties at the chest. Using the arms from view C, and then taking up the neck line so it didnt cut so lew down and because of that taking in the arms slightly so they sat right and didnt look like I was a huge ole american football linebacker... I have that issue from time to time since I do have wide shoulders. I dont wear shoulder pads for that reason.
My fabric came from just a local shop here that cost me £1.50 a meter and the pattern calls for 1.9 meters but I bought 2 meters. So a new shirt for £3 cant complain can ya? More then that for £3 I got the best compliment my wonderful bf could make to me! HAHAHAHA HE LIKED IT AND THOUGHT IT WAS THE BEST THING SO FAR!! WOOO HOOO
So my next sewing project is Simplicity 4558 I want to make the complete little outfit they show of views B, D, E... Nothing like having a nice smart summer outfit. Alright so right now the weather isnt suited for a nice smart summer outfit but still theres always wishing! :) And lets face it we still have another couple of months of "summer" so Im thinking it might come in THEN! ahaha...
Havent picked out my material for it yet and not entirely sure what colour I want but I do want the shirt itself to be really fun and funky, we will see what I can find when I go down to have a look. :)

I did finish my Monkey SOCK but I still have one more to go, I havent gotten the second sock syndrom yet I just havent been able to start it... I have been helping Mark out with something and its taken up all of my free time... its also put a blister on my thumb (thats gone down now) but I still have a little more to do today and then wait until he brings more home for me to do.... I just help him unpack his little down lighters from their boxes so instead of taking 4 hours it takes him an hour and a half sort of thing... (I just didnt want you guys thinking something horrible! HAAHHAHA)


Amy said...

That totally looks awesome on you! Come see my blog and my Monkey (for a sockapalooza pal) and I can't wait to see what your finished one looks like.

andi said...

Fabulous! Love that material. Looks so comparable to Anthropologie. LOVE their clothes (but not their prices)!

Melly said...

Wow - that is a great job!!!! You are getting a full wardrobe by now! I love the fabrics and the style is very flattering! Love it!

zenissima said...

Wow... it looks fabulous! I really like this shirt, would buy it if I saw it in the shop :)
Hahaha, you joined a KAL? A nice stole always is welcome I guess, but just make sure you don't forget to knit your second Monkey sock ;-) You don't want to get the Second Sock syndrome like me (I have at least 3 lonely socks waiting for their partners to be knit)!

Anonymous said...

Lovely shirt Jenn.