Sunday, May 06, 2007

First pair of pants

Friday evening I sat with my sewing machine... I cut and ironed and folded material but in the end I had a very comfortable pair of wrap pants. :)
And heres the back
I am not sure why I left the ribbon hanging down the back like that, its supposed to be pulled round to the front and tied in the front...
Heres where I got the pattern
As you can see the front wraps around to the back and is tied and then the back gets wrapped to the front where it is tied. I wore them all day yesterday and didnt have a single problem with them coming undone. But just in case I did put a safty pin in the back so that if they came undone I wouldnt have to bother with the front piece falling down!
I got the material from the market in town for 1.50 a meter. Bought 2 meters and still have loads left. Im not entirely sure if Im going to fold back the sides some more so that they arent as wide or leave them as is.
But for my first proper thing I dont think they are to bad!! :) I got some more material in the back and in the next couple of days plan on making myself a really nice top out of it. :)
Have a great weekend!


Karan said...

What a great start to you soon to be sewing addiction ; ) WELL DONE!!
Are they as comfy to wear as they look??
I fancy a longer pair myself.

btw I followed your link from Craftster

andi said...

Very nice. Love the pattern!

Amy said...

Oo, those look great!

Knitman said...

Blimey, you just whippe dhtem up? Good for you!