Thursday, May 03, 2007

I got it,,,, I got it!!!...

Im not happy.... I was going to take a photo of my new sewing machine and its saying I cant that my card is locked, HOW THE HECK DID MY CARD GET LOCKED?!?!?! *got that out now back to normal posting*


I got the above flower on Monday when I went into town they were passing them out then asking you to go check out the newly opened loos, I just found it really funny but I think the flower is pretty... :) Its still sat here mind you its looking scruffy so now sure it will last much longer...
So as you seen above, I got my sewing machine.. told you I wouldnt be able to wait! :) I havent yet got Mark an xbox, give me till next month and that will be here I am sure.. haah
You can see which one I got there, and if you dont fancy clicking it I got a Brother XL2230 11 automatic stitch settings, and a 4 step button hole maker, and if I am really lazy I can use the sewing machine to sew on my buttons, umm I think Ill still do that by hand thanks!.... I did make something tiny last night, its not great but its mine! :) Id show you but again my card has somehow managed to lock itself and I havent a clue how to unlock it becuase I dont know how it locked in the first place.. UGH! I also wanted to show off the pretty material that I bought to eventually do myself a skirt in... But I cant.. :(
No knittings been done, I think I need a project with less of a cold weather feel, maybe Ill take the sock yarn I got and make the mister a pair. :) I think then I can turn him to knitted socks.. hahaa.....
Alright enjoy the weather and Ill update later (hopefully he can fix my mem card tonight...)

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