Friday, May 04, 2007

Camera Working Pictures!!

WOO HOO Got my memory card working... I flicked the switch on the side of the card that I never knew existed... Must have done it the last time I was putting the card back into the camera??? Thankfully the lovely bf knew what to do! So what you have been waiting for, pictures!!!
My pretty little sewing machine! :D
The little bag I made as my first project, I still havent gone and gotten some ribbon to tie it shut with...
Look I even put a little side strip thingy in it!! :) (it was full with remotes to make it look like it was being used hehe)
This is what I made yesterday!! :) Cut the bits out by myself, then sewn them together, its a pathetic attempt at a coaster I know, but the end that isnt squared off I sewed the tip to the wrong side was so annoyed I just flipped it under and decided to have the tea pot shape, and not to mention I didnt realise it anyways until after I was doing the edging anyways.. OOPS!
So thats the pictures I have to show for right now, Im so excited.. WOO HOO got Burda Magazine yesterday just to have some patterns for when I get decent enough to try a proper pattern.... Yesterday I showed Mark my coaster and said aint it great?!?!? His reply was please tell me your not going to show me one of these every day and ask aint it great to them all are you?!?! I said no but Im just showing you that I am TRYING to get there with my lines. :) But then his remark back was really sweet... "Well for all I know in 6months you might be making some Kate Moss looking clothes" And that was a compliment... even if I dont like her it was still a compliment to me.. :) And ya know what, Im gonna flippin do it!!! hahah
Right now its getting a bit colder I was going to knit on my scarf last night but we rented World Trade Center off of Film Flex On Demand so I didnt want to waste that 3.50 by looking down, and I dont think I could have knit even if I wanted to I was crying the whole time nearly, I warned Mark before we even started!!.... I dont think its a movie Id be able to watch all the time just because Im a whimp when it comes to movie watching, ask my mother shell tell you all about The Horse Whisperer and my step dad and I bawlling our eyes out why she tried not to laugh at us..... Both are good films by the way. :)


Knitman said...

Oh Jenn, you really have got the bug haven't you? ;-)

Good work!

Amy said...

good job on the coaster. I like the sewing machine.

andi said...

Nice looking machine you got there. Donatella LOOK OUT!