Monday, March 26, 2007

garter finito

I finally finished my dishcloth...
Pattern was the Garterlac Dishcloth from Criminy Jickets it can be found HERE
I used Sirdar Luxary Cotton in Sage that Ive had in my stash (a very small one) for a while now it was going to be one sweater realised it was to small then was made into another one and had loads left so I wanted to do something and made that with it. :)
I used 3.5mm circular needle only because I dont own them in straights. I actually prefer circular needles all of a sudden. :)
I dont actually know how long htat took as I cant remember when I casted on but it was a while when it shouldnt have been because I was being lazy to knit.
During it I learn backwards knitting. :) Heres a progress picture:
(excuse the blurry photos I took them at night so now the best lighting)
And Heres some pictures for doing backwards knitting Im no pro but this is what I did:
Hold the yarn to the front of work (I knit continental so all pictures are with it being done that way) Slip your needle in the back side of the hoop on right hand needle (the one away from you)
Wrap yarn around needle from bottom to back and over (as shown above)
Pull the hoop over the needle and you now have a knit stitch on the left side.

Hopefully thats helped you a bit. I still had to turn and hold it the "right" way when it came to making stitches or decreasing them still learning how to do it properly. :)

Now I got some more wool from my stash that I FORGOT I had. Its from some socks I made ages ago but never finished so I ripped them out and am going to try and make the scarf again with that as I did have a full untouched big ball of it. Not sure if I will have enough fingers crossed that I do! :)


andi said...

Pretty green. Very springy! Beautiful.

Sharon in Ireland/NZ said...

Like the dishcloth and backwards knitting - must try that!