Saturday, March 24, 2007

knit back and forth

So I have read a bit more of my book its slow going as I just havent been in the mood of actually sitting down and reading so that doesnt help...
Instead I have decided I wanted to knit a garterlac dishcloth, no I havent gotten any pictures of it, no I havent even finished it yet. Something else that is slow going. But its getting there and just becuase I started it Thrusday and its now Saturday means nothing.. (yeah right) But I have learned out to knit backwards, thats cool! I only knit when it comes to actually making a stitch or something I have to turn my work and do that, but Im getting rather quick on the plain knit rows! Which that should make the thing go quicker but its not. Theres alot of it sitting on the table just looking at me when I dont feel like knitting. Shh dont let the knitting here me say that.
I havent decided yet what I want to make the scarf/wrap out of either. But I do want something nice and light for the summer just to wrap around my arms when its got a cool breeze blowing. I also have a couple ideas floating about in my head for some summer tops but of course with no really wanting to knit fully they are staying up there... Moving I think just killed me knitting mojo!
Hopefully the next time I update I actually have pictures of the dishcloth to show! :)

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Amy said...

When you knit backwards, do you knit practically left-handed? with the stitches on the right needle? Can't wait for the pictures.