Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Slow is the way to go?

Everything seems slow going lately. So much so that I havent done any knitting in three days. BUT heres what Ive done already on my wrap.
That is one full repeat and a couple of rows. Row counter is facing the other way and its still in the same postition on the floor and Im to slow going to pick it up and look! HAHAH
I am still going to run out of the wool I am using but its going to be easier to get ahold of since I bought it in town. only thing is the dyelot wont match. But I am not to bothered about that as long as its grey I will be happy. Some people it may drive nuts but a slight colour variation wont do my head in. A massive one, well thats another story all together...
So heres a close up of the lacey part:
ooo you can ALMOST see the row counter there but its to blury sorry! but thats what that looks like.. Its pretty.... and heres the main body part:
With this I am thinking hte stitch pattern would make a really cute knitted summer top... but a striped one so that you dont get too bored. Two colours that compliment each other... *yes Im thinking*
So anyways theres the knitting front.
Life wise its been slowgoing as well yesterday I cleaned and did laundry and hung it out in the sun to dry. Sorry but you can not beat hung outside to dry clothes... oh how I love the way they smell! :) So I was busy yesterday doing all of that. Then today I didnt want to get out of bed! Marks alarm went off and I ignored it. He got out of bed I ignored him. He came in eventually and got dressed I ignored him. He left to go brush his teeth I ignored him. He came back in to say he was leaving. I looked at him and jumped out of bed... WHY! he even said stay in bed! AND I STILL GOT UP! now Im sat here with wet hair because you see Ive had a shower Ive been up for 2 hours and I want to go back to bed. I wont. I still have things to do today but Im not doing them. Instead Im going to go get some juice and just sit on the couch. I might knit but I might just stare at the tv like its an alien...
Oh yeah. Marks parents moved back up to Caister. Its a double edge sword for me. Because I am happy as that means we get to go back up there to visit them during the summer and get away from here. But then that means they arent just down the road where we can go see them whenever we want. I havent seen my family for four years. I miss them. So Marks family I sort of enjoy them more then I suppose any girlfriend would enjoy her boyfriends family. Of course it does make me miss mine more but then thats the way life goes....
Miss you Mommy and I love you!


Amy said...

Do you need a hug? ;-) That is a cute wrap, what pattern is it and what are you using?

Knitman said...

This is looking really good, Jenn.

andi said...

Very pretty knittin' you got there. Bring Mark to America!