Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Hippo sorted Gentlemen rock!

So after finishing up my oblique (which I seem to not be able to take off Im so in love. haha) I decided that it was high time to FINISH my hippo socks. Now Ive been knitting them on and off since January I think thats long enough dont you?
Yeah I did as well so I finshed these the next day but I didnt want to post twice in a row because these have been shown. well ones been shown before. But look I now have a finished pair of socks. :)
The pattern really is simple and lovely. These would have been done ages ago if I didnt put them to the side for everything else I ended up knitting (3 cardigans)
So now I have those finished and nothing else to knit what should I do? Oh I know what! I pulled out the yarn the I got at xmas time for a pair of socks that was the same colour as another pair (so I got some different stuff but kept the same coloured one back) and Im now knitting the mister wonderful a pair of socks. He doesnt know this and hes told me not to knit him any. But TO BAD! Im stubborn and doing it anyways. :)
These are the Gentleman Socks from Fiber Fool. All I wanted was a simple pair to knit for him but I didnt want something that was goiing to make me bored. I hope he likes them once Im finished and that he wears them. Ive barely knit on them since Ive started yet the pattern works up quickly.
Hopefully Ill be showing of a finished sock well pair of socks soon enough. :)


Anonymous said...

Oo, those are so cool! Good job with both of those and I can't wait to see more of the gentlemen socks.

kessa said...

Your FOs seems to be just rolling in! Great job on the cardigan..I'm sure it will e useful now that the weather in changing. Lovely socks. Can't wait to see the gentlemen socks finished! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow... those are fabulous. You did such a wonderful job... as always.

Polite said...

Wow FANCY! I really like the socks you did a great job.... almost looks professional!!
The sweater is BEAUTIFUL! and since I know first hand purple is your fav colour I know it will be worn every chance you have to wear a sweater...
One question... is the shirt you are wearing under the sweater is it you sweater modeling shirt? hahahahahhaah sorry JJ and I both said it at the same time... its the same shirt as with the modeling of the teal sweater...

Knitman said...


KnitYoga said...

I really like the textured pattern of the hippo socks!