Wednesday, June 18, 2008

2 down 1 to go?

I am pretty much finished with the Gentlemens socks. I only have the toe to work on the second sock and that will be finished today. Ill post pictures of them soon.
I have 2 people for the pay it forward I got another space open for whoever wants it? soon as I finish these socks Im starting Amys project, of course I wont say anything more then that! :)
Oh yeah I FINALLY finished sewing together my pj pants from Amy Butlers book In Stitches wearing them right now and they are soooooo comfy I gotta make me a few more pairs and maybe even make a pair or two in some nice linen or even a nice cotton to wear out as pants. They really are comfy! and who doesnt like going out in comfy pants? I suppose I need to take some pics of these as well..
Right Im going to go watch something I recorded last night off the telly and finish those socks up!

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