Friday, May 30, 2008

Oblique Finished!

I finished Oblique last night. Today I went and bought the buttons for it. Even wore it into town and I have to say... I LOVE IT!! :)
Heres a shot of the front
and heres the back
After peeking around on ravelry about this I read a couple of people wished they put two buttons on the inside so I made two buttons holes and done just that. The only thing I wish Id done differently would have been to add 4 buttons on the outside instead of the 3. Either way it doesnt matter because I just love the way this turned out. :)
I used Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora bought for me by my lovely Mister. I used 15 balls but could have done with 16 to be honest so the arms could be slightly longer to roll up the sleeves and the collar could be more like the pattern and not just a wee one. Oh I dont care because I LOVE IT!!! and I havent taken it off all day except to sew the buttons on. :)
Would I make it again? yep! I would ya know... and I would do it the same. Knit the body all in one with the arms knit flat. But like I said add a 4th button hole to the outside and keep the 2 on the inside. :)


Anonymous said...

That's lovely and my favorite color!

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful. You did a wonderful job.