Friday, May 23, 2008

Purple heaven

So here I am knitting away and I finally put the photos on the computer so thatt I could show it off so far. Ive got the body finished and Im working on the arms right now. Working both at the same time so I can be promised they will be the same length, thats always a good thing isnt it?
thats the front over lapped so youu can see theleft and right lean decreased lace as well as the textured lace and the moss stitch.
Obviously I still need to work the button bands and everything but that comes at the end after I do the arms. :)
As you can see the raglan decreases nicly up the body and everything stays looking pretty. :)
I think that Oblique is very well written and so easy to follow Ive been knitting on it while watching tely at night and have yet to make a mistake. I bet now Ill go and badly mess up the arms!! :) all 3 lace patterns are 8 row repeats will the moss stitch is a 4 row pattern so for me Ive been able to keep track very easy just knowing that the moss is repeated twice per one lace. Even when you decrease and increase within it I stil think its easy to follow once you get going you soon learn what the stitches your working on should look like by looking below and to each side. Mind you sometimes I think Im going wrong and look at the paper and at that time its time to set it aside for t the night and go to bed becuase Im to dang tired. Really I should be finished with this by now but like I said I got side tracked trying to sew a dress thats still not finished but I want to knit instead of sew.... See theres not enough time nor hands in the day for me!!


kessa said...

It looks good! I like the color you chose. =)

Anonymous said...

It's so pretty! The color is just divine.